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            Welcome to Hefei Pengbo Machinery CO.,Ltd.!
            Contact us
            • Contacts:manager Peng
            • Tel:0551-63820998
            • Cellphone:18096642503
            • Add:Hefei City qingluan Rd 8 private science and technology park two yuan
            Hefei Pengbo Machinery CO.,Ltd. > Company Introduction

            Hefei Pengbo Machinery CO.,Ltd.  is located in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone (national level), covers an area of about 20000 square meters, the existing staff of 65 people. The main production of various types of large and medium-sized engineering machinery supporting frame, door frame, fork frame, the shifter, hydraulic and electric stacker and other products.

            The company for many years with advanced equipment, standard management, complete mould, reasonable process for each big host plant quality products. Welcome domestic and foreign businessmen came to discuss cooperation.

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