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            Welcome to Hefei Pengbo Machinery CO.,Ltd.!
            Contact us
            • Contacts:manager Peng
            • Tel:0551-63820998
            • Cellphone:18096642503
            • Add:Hefei City qingluan Rd 8 private science and technology park two yuan

            Company name: Hefei Pengbo Machinery CO.,Ltd.

            Qualification certificate no.:

            Business license No.: 340107000025306 (1-1)

            Safety license No.: private

            Type of enterprise:

            Registered capital: Erbailu ten million yuan

            Enterprise classification:

            Founded: June 11, 2003

            The main products: machinery manufacturing processing and sales

            Qualification level:

            Approved date: 2003 06 month 11 days

            The effective date:

            Add: in 2023 05 months 31 days

            Company registration address: Qing Luan Road Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone No. 8 factory

            Corporate introduction: songsusheng

            Song Susheng, in 1982 graduated from the Shanghai Polytechnic University, senior engineer, executive director of the association of Anhui province casting.

            In 1982 -1988 years, Anhui Forklift Truck Group Co Hefei Casting and forging factory technician, workshop director

            In 1988 -1990, Japan's new casting Corporation, technical training and served as the Chinese training personnel responsible person

            In 1990 -1996 years, the Sino Japanese joint venture Anhui Andong Foundry Co., Ltd., executive vice president

            In 1996 -2006 years, Sino Japanese joint venture Anhui TCM forklift Co. Ltd., Anhui Andong Foundry Company Limited, executive deputy director general

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